Nishant Das Patnaik

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Project Name: Shank

Description: It as a research project for ClubHACK – India’s 1st International Hacker Convention. It is a handy multi-boot USB key specifically developed to transform a full-fleged computer security workstation into an intelligent,  portable device. It consists of customized Linux distributions like BackTrack 4 Final, OphCrack, Helix 3, TRK 3.3, Hiren BootCD, Slitaz and many portable Windows applications for professional penetration testers, forensic investigators, system administrators and hackers. Any USB key can be converted to SHANK and as the best part it remembers all changes, without any user interaction, unlike Live CDs. It was released as a community project at NullCon 2010, Goa. More information at: (to be updated soon).

License: Community

Source Distribution: NA